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TΦ101 is intended for anyone who is teaching introductory courses in philosophy, but also has useful material for any college teacher.  We recommend different paths through the site for graduate assistants teaching discussion sections, new faculty and graduate assistants who are responsible for their own course, teacher training programs and, yes, even for veteran teachers.


Graduate assistants who teach discussion sections rather than a full course

These sections of the website will be most helpful to you:



New faculty members and graduate assistants teaching their own course

This site was designed with you in mind.  Start with the Obstacles and Challenges tab and just work your way across the tabs through Course Planning, the sub-sections on Lectures and Discussions, and Tests, Papers and Assessments.   Then browse around in the other tabs.


Veteran faculty members

As you will see, Obstacles and Challenges and Course Planning both give a lot of background information, some of which may be new and useful to you. The main pages in Lectures and Discussions, and Tests, Papers, Assessments, give general recommendations and, again, they may be of great interest.  But you might want to start the other way and begin with some of the concrete examples and then work backwards to the more general observations. Check some of these sites: 



Author: John Immerwahr
Update: 17 Dec. 2015 (E. Tarver)

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